2015 NARA Licensing Seminar

Program & Session Handouts

2015 Program of Events

Concurrent Sessions A

A-1: Model Foster Care Standards - handout
A-2: The Success Pathway to Compliance
A-3: The Children Are Where?
A-4: Assisted Living Licensing: NARA Adult Care Committee report on State Survey - handout

Concurrent Sessions B

B-1: The Three Pillars of Trauma Informed Care - handout
B-2: Building Stakeholder Relationships by Blending Regulations & the Community
B-3: Why Must Children Be Protected from Environmental Chemicals?
B-4: Illegal Child Care Operations: The Use of Social Media and the Internet - handout

Concurrent Sessions C

C-1: Trends from the 2014 Child Care Licensing Study - handout
C-2: Bureau of Assisted Living Collaboration with Agencies, Providers, Advocates
C-3: Can Quality Regulation Increase Program Quality?
C-4: Beyond the Basics- KS Health and Safety Initiatives - handout

Concurrent Sessions D

D-1: Child Care Licensing Websites: Keeping Parents Informed - handout
D-2: Regulator - Provider Relationships: Adopting Processes and Procedures - handout, handout 2, handout 3
D-3: Create and Defend Effective Enforcement Actions - handout, handout 2, handout 3, handout 4, handout 5, handout 6
D-4: Key Perspectives on Strengthening Regulation Using a Key Indicator System

Concurrent Sessions E

E-1: CCDBG in 2015: Changes and Implications for State Licensing and Monitoring
E-2: Building Relationships in a Regulatory Framework - handout
E-3: Effective Report Writing - handout
E-4: Technology, Social Media and Licensing: The Provider's Perspective

Concurrent Sessions F

F-1: CCDBG Reauthorization: One Year Later - handout
F-2: Building a Professional Development System through Collaborative Efforts - handout
F-3: Surviving the Perfect Storm: A Complex Enforcement Case Analysis - handout
F-4: Understanding Basic Sanitation and Infection Control in Human Care Settings

Concurrent Sessions G

G-1: New Jersey Dept. of Human Services Risk Management System - handout
G-2: Implementing a Licensing Data System that Increases Efficiency & Supports the Work - handout
G-3: Implementing Differential Licensing in Massachusetts - handout
G-4: Bringing Early Childhood STEM Theory, Practice, & Quality Instruction into the Preschool Classroom & Home Environment - handout