The following committees are currently serving the Association.


Committee Committee Charge


Finance &
Asset Management
The finance and asset management committee shall recommend financial policies to the Board, review the annual budget and all financial reports prepared by Association staff and/or accounting firms for approval by the Board of Directors. The chair of this Committee shall be the Treasurer.


Lauren Wofford

Governance The governance committee shall review and make recommendations on Bylaws and policies to the Board of Directors for approval. Jim Murphy
Membership The membership committee shall provide strategic guidance and support in the areas of membership development, retention and benefits.  
The professional development committee shall be responsible for the development of educational and professional development products and services, consultant application review, provides support to the Seminar Planning Committee and provides support on execution of the regional training pilot.  
Program Specific Member Resources

The program specific member resources committee shall monitor the completion of the charter activities by soliciting members to complete targeted activities throughout the year to support the mission of NARA.


The promising practice committee is an ad hoc committee charged with assisting in the review of submissions and in recommending which applicants should be recognized by NARA.