NARA's Founding Members

Many thanks to the following founding members of NARA, for their dedication to human care regulators and the regulatory field as a whole. Their insight many years ago led to the creation of this organization that continues to grow and embody their passion for the practice of human care regulation.

Norris E. Class

Lela B. Costin

Edna H. Hughes

Anne L. Leatherman

Margaret Delaney Miller

Gwen Morgan

George M. Robinson

Robert Sarver

Nancy Travis

NARA's Board Presidents

NARA would not be the organization we are today without the incredible commitment and dedication, passion and vision, not to mention many tireless hours of effort and leadership, from the following Board Presidents.

1976 - 1977     Margaret D. Miller

1978 - 1983     Anne L. Leatherman

1983 - 1986     David J. Beard

1986 - 1988     Clark W. Cate

1988 - 1990     Nicholas R. Scalera

1990 - 1994     Pauline D. Koch

1994 - 2000     Karen E. Kroh

2000 - 2003     J. Patrick Byrne

2003 - 2008     Judy L. Collins

2008 - 2011     Ann Ditty

2012 - 2014     Deborah Russo

2015 - 2015     Ron Melusky

2015 - 2020     Tara Lynne Orlowski

2021 - 2023     Alfred Johnson

2024 -  2025    Donna Sabo



History of NARA

A Brief History of NARA, by NICHOLAS R. SCALERA, Charter Member of NARA, former NARA President, Treasurer and Board of Directors Member At-Large

Timeline of NARA history 1874-2016.

NARA Timeline (through 2023)

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