Survey of States' Assisted Living Regulations


One of the functions of the NARA Adult Care Committee is to make recommendations regarding minimum standards for adult care licensing. To help inform the Committee, an analysis and comparison of state regulations is a prerequisite step. Historically, NARA has conducted state licensing comparison using the NARA Licensing Categories as a baseline. The Committee enhanced the categories to incorporate more current regulatory areas generally considered in regulations for adult care. At the NARA Seminar in September 2013, input was collected to prioritize which licensing categories were important for NARA to establish model benchmarks for assisted living. Based on the results of a participant questionnaire, the top three were:

  • Staffing (includes: ratio, number, qualifications, training)
  • General provision (includes: definition of assisted living, scope of services permitted)
  • Resident Rights (includes: respect, privacy, autonomy, protection from abuse)

To avoid and minimize any potential misinterpretation when reviewing each state’s assisted living regulations using a standardized evaluation tool based on the enhanced NARA Licensing categories, the Committee decided to conduct a survey with a focus on staffing and staff qualifications to be sent to the directors of each state’s licensing agency. Development of the survey and the results will be presented at this webinar.    


Steven B. Eng, Manager, Technology Planning & Integration, Population & Public Health, Fraser Health

Margie Zelenak, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association (PALA)

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