Licensing Curriculum

The NARA licensing curriculum preserves and organizes some of the seminal literature and concepts developed by leading theorists and practitioners in human care licensing.

The NARA licensing curriculum delivers to NARA members, licensing professionals, and colleagues in allied professions a body of accumulated knowledge about the theory and practice of human care regulation.

The NARA licensing curriculum assists licensing agencies with orientation and basic training to prepare new staff for the rigors and responsibilities of the profession.

 The NARA licensing curriculum promotes public understanding of human care licensing fundamentals and the role that sound licensing plays in protecting customers, families and providers.

What does the Curriculum Cover?

Chapter 1     History and Concepts of Licensing     

Chapter 2     The Formulation of Rules    

Chapter 3     The Phases of Licensing     

Chapter 4     Balanced Use of Authority   

Chapter 5     Provider Support Services    

Chapter 6     Enforcement of Licensing Rules  

Chapter 7     Investigation and Evidence

Chapter 8     Managing Complaints

Chapter 9     Administrative Appeals

Chapter 10    Suppressing Illegal Operations 

Chapter 11    Measurement Tools and Systems

Chapter 12     Ethics in Licensing Practice

If you are interested in having NARA provide onsite training on one, or all, of the above chapters, please contact us at [email protected].