Key Indicator Systems: How They Work, Why They Work, and Why They're Best for Everyone

Presented by Ron Melusky

Key Indicator Systems identify a subset of licensing regulations that statistically predict compliance with the entire set of regulations. A Key Indicator System can be developed for any type of human-care licensing program. Implementing a Key Indicator System allows licensing agencies to maximize resources through abbreviated inspections while providing the same level of protection offered by a full inspection. This webinar recording will provide a brief overview of NARA’s Key Indicator System development process, explain why Key Indicator Systems are a safe, effective way to ensure compliance, and illustrate how Key Indicator Systems can be successfully applied to any licensing program.

While this speaker has been carefully chosen by NARA to present relevant information to our members, the views and opinions expressed in this webinar, unless expressly stated otherwise, are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of NARA.

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