Forensic Interviewing of Children

Learn what forensic interviewing is and why it is important when working with children.  Strategies to help children provide details about their abuse will be discussed. 

Angela Scott Dixon, JD serves as the first full-time professor of Child Advocacy Studies at Winona State University.  As such, she assists professors around the country in developing Child Advocacy Studies Programs.  She travels nationally to present on a variety of child abuse issues with a focus on forensic interviewing.  Prior to joining Winona State University, she was the Forensic Interview Specialist for the National Child Protection Training Center.  Angie oversaw Finding Words, the 17-state forensic interviewing training program and presented nationally on child maltreatment issues.  Before her five year career at the National Child Protection Training Center, Angie was a forensic interviewer at the CASIE Center in South Bend, Indiana, where she conducted over 600 forensic interviews with children.  Angie received her B.A. in Sociology from The Ohio State University.  She received her J.D. from Notre Dame Law School.

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