NARA Credentialing FAQs

General Contact/Overview FAQs

Q: I sent an email to [email protected] but I haven’t heard back. How do I escalate my question?
A: Please be patient with this inbox, as all certification emails land here and sending multiple emails only slows down turnaround time. Please allow up to 5 business days for a response. If you have not heard back within 5 days, please send a follow up email at that time. Please also ONLY email [email protected], as cc’ing additional staff also will slow down our response time.

Q: I have submitted my registration or renewal and I want to make sure it was received. Who do I contact?
A: Please make sure you have waited 14 days from your submission before following up; we process renewals and registrations weekly on Wednesdays and 2 weeks will allow us to capture your registration or renewal if it missed the current week cut-off. **Please note we can only process registrations once payment has been received. Please ensure it is not within the 14-day timeframe after payment being received to send a follow up. After 14 days if you have not received your registration or renewal confirmation, please send a follow up to [email protected].

Exam/Application/Eligibility FAQs

Q. Where can I find information about the NRPC process?

Q. What do I need to do to be eligible to earn the NRPC?
A. The steps to earning the credential are outlined on the website here. The main steps are: 1) Complete the four courses in the credential curriculum.
2) Register and pay for the exam.
3) Pass the NRPC exam with a minimum score of 75.
4) Have your supervisor submit a Supervisor Letter of Recommendation.
5) Sign and submit the Code of Ethics.

Q. What are the costs associated with the exam?
A. Credential costs include:

  • Registration, payment and completion of the 4 credential courses. Each course is billed at $125/course for members; and $250/course for non-members
  • The initial exam fee is billed at $125 for members; and $250 for non-members
  • Total Credential costs are:
    • $625 for members
    • $1,250 for non-members

Q. Are there study materials, practice exams or other exam prep that you provide?
A. The NRPC exam is based upon the 4-course curriculum and course exams contained within. If you have taken the courses and passed those exams successfully, you should be prepared for the NRPC exam. You can use any of your course notes or those individual course exams to study as well. The content from these courses remains open for review after completion for this purpose.

Q. How many questions are on the exam?
A. As of 11/1/21, there are 59 questions.

Q. When is the exam application deadline? When is the exam held?
A. The exam is offered on a rolling basis like the courses; once you have registered and paid, you will be enrolled and have access to take the exam for one calendar year. You can register for the exam as soon as you have completed the course curriculum.

Q. Is the exam timed?
A. There is a 2-hour time limit to complete the NRPC exam.

Q. Do I have to be a member to take the courses or exam?
A. No, we offer both member and non-member rates for all courses and the exam.

Q. How will I be notified if I passed/failed the exam?
A. You are notified of your status immediately upon submission on the exam website.

Q. I didn’t pass the exam the last time and I took it and I’d like to apply again? How do I do so and what is the process?
A. A candidate must wait 15 days after the first attempt and will be charged $75 to take the exam a second time. To apply for your second attempt, click here: NARA Credential Exam 2nd Retake.

A candidate must wait 30 days after the second attempt and will be charged $100 to take the exam a third, and final time. To apply for your third attempt, click here: NARA Credential Exam 3rd Retake.

If the candidate does not pass the comprehensive exam after the third attempt, he or she may petition for additional attempts.

  • Petitions to re-test must be submitted in writing explaining the extenuating circumstances why an additional attempt should be granted, to the Executive Director of NARA, who will make the final decision.
  • A fee of $150 will be assessed for subsequent attempts.

Q. Do we have to submit materials electronically?
A. Yes, all registrations for courses and exams are online via the NARA website. Documentation for renewals and Supervisor Recommendation Letters and Code of Ethics are submitted via email and Survey Monkey, respectively.

Renewal FAQs

Q. Where do I find information on renewal requirements/and or the link to renew?

Q. When do my credentials expire?
A. The credential is on a 5-year cycle. For example, if you obtained the credential in October 2017, you would expire in October 2022 and need to renew before that date.