2017 NARA Seminar Registration Information

You can view the Seminar schedule here and session details descriptions here.

2017 Registration Fees:


  Early Full Reg Full Single Day Onsite Full
Member $420 $525 $263 $630
Associate $499 $604 $303 $709
Non Member $578 $683 $342 $788
Student $250 $263 $105 $315
Presenter - Member* $184 $184 $105 n/a
Presenter - Non Member* $236 $236 $150 n/a

 *Only one presenter discount is offered per session. Application of this discount should be decided among presenters.

Early Bird Registration Rates end July 31, 2017

Licensing Seminar Registration Terms & Conditions

Licensing seminar/conference registration fees are due at the time of registration. Any discounts are applied at the time of registration and will not be applied retroactively.

Substitutions for registrants at a seminar/conference are permitted for a colleague who is eligible at the same fee rate based on membership status and may be made up until five (5) business days prior to the start of the seminar.

Cancellations must be received in writing and are subject to the following:

  1. Cancellations received eleven (11) business days or more prior to the seminar/ conference are eligible for a refund minus a processing charge of $75.00 (US funds).
  2. Cancellations received ten (10) business days or less prior to the start of the seminar/conference shall not receive any refund if they do not meet the criteria in number 3 below.
  3. Cancellations received ten (10) business days or less prior to the start of the seminar/conference shall receive a credit to the next NARA Seminar/Conference equal to the fee for the cancelled seminar/conference minus a processing charge of $ 125.00 (US Funds), only if the cancellation was due to:
    1. Events beyond reasonable control of the registrant, including but not limited to: acts of God, acts of war, terrorist attacks in the region where the seminar/conference is being held or the region where the individual works and or lives, government regulation, national disasters, transportation strikes, or curtailment of transportation either in the seminar/conference city or in the countries/states of origin of the attendees, civil disorder, or other emergencies that make it illegal or impossible to addend the seminar/conference; or
    2.  Death of an immediate family member. For the purpose of this policy this means a family member who is:
      1. a spouse, domestic partner;
      2. children, step children, foster child, or a child in an “in loco parentis” arrangement for which the person assumes parental status and responsibilities;
      3. an individual for which the person is a legal guardian for;
      4. parents, brothers, sisters, step-parents, step-brothers, step-sisters, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandparents, grandchildren; or
      5. any relative living in the registrant’s domicile.
  4. Requests for refunds pursuant to number 3 above must be received in writing, with supporting documentation, within twenty-eight (28) business days of the end of the seminar/conference. Supporting documentation may include a copy of a leave slip indicating the reason for leave, letter from their employer stipulating to the death or the obituary of the decedent.6.
  5. All other requests shall be reviewed on a case by case basis by the full Board of Directors.