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Children's Environmental Health in Early Learning Programs: A Closer Look at Lead and Mercury
Featuring Hester Paul, M.S., Eco-Healthy Child Care National Direction; Children's Environmental Health Network

Children spend a significant time in early care and learning environments. These settings -- the home-away-from-home for approximately 13 million children -- play a vital role in keeping kids healthy.

Have you ever wondered how the environment or the products used in child care programs impact the children and staff?  Is there a connection between the chemicals used in everyday products, one's exposure to those chemicals and one's health? There’s a lot one can do to improve the environmental health of these child care settings. 
In this webinar you will have an opportunity to:
  • Learn about major environmental health issues affecting young children.
  • Understand why children are uniquely vulnerable to environmental hazards.
  • Learn free or low-cost preventative actions to reduce exposures to lead and mercury.
  • Be introduced to the Eco-Healthy Child Care® program and related endorsement opportunity.
To learn more about the Eco-Healthy Child Care® program, visit
Hester PaulHester Paul M.S. is the National Director of Children's Enviromental Health Network’s (CEHN) Eco-Healthy Child Care® (EHCC) program. She is responsible for expanding the EHCC program so that children throughout the nation benefit from the reduction of harmful environmental toxics within and around child care facilities. Prior to working for CEHN, Ms. Paul managed the nationalization of the EHCC program for Oregon Environmental Council (OEC). OEC, based in Portland, OR, originated the EHCC program in 2005. Ms. Paul and her CEHN colleagues work closely with the EHCC National Advisory Committee, consisting of members from EPA’s Office of Children’s Health Protection, Child Care Aware of America, the Environmental Law Institute, the National Association for Regulatory Administration and the National Association for the Education of Young Children, among others, to offer comprehensive training, technical assistance and resources to child care professionals. EHCC has endorsed over 2,200 child care facilities in 48 different states. The program has received several awards for is innovative and effective approach.

2017 NARA Webinar Dates
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NARA webinars are scheduled for the fourth Thursday of the Month (with a few exceptions):

Wednesday, June 7

4:30-5:30pm AST / 3:30-4:30pm EST / 2:30-3:30pm CST / 1:30-2:30pm MST / 12:30-1:30am PST / 11:30-12:30pm AKST
Model Foster Care Standards
featuring Donna Sabo, Ana Beltran & Heidi Epston

Thursday, June 22

12:30-1:30pm AST / 11:30am-12:30pm EST / 10:30-11:30am CST / 9:30-10:30am MST / 8:30-9:30am PST / 7:30-8:30am AKST

A Canadian Perspective: Implementing Tiered Licensing in the Province of Ontario
featuring Dana Green & Narasha Kabani

Faced with growing caseloads for their child care inspectors, the province of Ontario recently implemented a “tiered” approach to allocating licensing resources. Under the new system, centers that have consistently demonstrated high levels of compliance (Tier 1 and 2) are rewarded with longer duration licenses and abbreviated inspections, while lower-performing centers (Tier 3) receive additional ministry oversight and support. In this session, you will learn about the data-driven tier assessment model, the methodology used to develop the abbreviated inspection checklist and early evaluation results.

Thursday, July 27

Quality Service Indicators for Adult Individuals with ID/D
featuring Veronica "Ronnie" Higgins

This brief webinar will introduce the attendee to the development, Implementation and evaluation of Quality Service Indicators in a variety of service delivery areas in residential and day/integrated day activity services.

Thursday, August 24

The Importance of Key Indicators and Risk Assessment in a New National ECE Monitoring System
featuring Dr. Rick Fiene, Research Institute for Key Indicators

We will explore how key indicator and risk assessment methodologies contribute to the development of a national monitoring system for federally funded ECE programs.  

Thursday, September 28


Thursday, October 26


Thursday, November 30

NARA's Code of Ethics
featuring Becky Fleming-Seibenaler


Thursday, December 21


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