Member Levels

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NARA offers membership in the following categories.

Individuals Memberships: 

  • Individual Member ($95.00/year)open to anyone in the field of human care licensing or those that agree with the mission and purpose of NARA.
  • Retiree and Student Member ($50.00/year)open to retirees of regulatory agencies or students enrolled in a related field.

Organization Memberships

Open to all governmental agency, non-profit associations, human care service groups, businesses, and associations that support the activities of NARA.

  • Level 1: An organization may name up to 20 individuals - $1,500.00
  • Level 2: An organization may name up to 27 individuals - $2,000.00
  • Level 3: An organization may name up to 35 individuals - $2,500.00
  • Level 4: An organization may name up to 45 individuals - $3,000.00
  • Level 5: An organization may name more than 45 individuals - $3,000.00 plus $65.00 / additional person

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