Working with Difficult Organizations

Customers are not always eager to receive licensing and regulatory services. Some organizations have a reputation of being difficult to work with.   This webinar will help you better anticipate provider responses to regulatory interventions.  You will also develop strategies to gain internal support from your peers and leadership. Finally, this webinar provides a variety of approaches to improve relationships with providers without sacrificing accountability.

Tom van der Veen is the Interim Deputy Director of the Office of Licensing and Regulatory Oversight with the Oregon Department of Human Services.  He is also on the Board of Directors with NARA.  Tom assists governments and private organizations to improve outcomes regarding licensing, accountability and other regulatory issues.

While this speaker has been carefully chosen by NARA to present relevant information to our members, the views and opinions expressed in this webinar, unless expressly stated otherwise, are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of NARA.

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