Safety Considerations: Best Practices for Lone Workers in the Field

Presented by Rob Rae

Social workers, licensing professionals, visiting nurses and other support staff within the field of health and human services are often at risk while working alone in the communities they serve.   The UK has long recognized (and legislated) the need to protect field workers, particularly those delivering valuable community services.    Protective services for “lone workers” in the UK have been readily available for several years, although this concept is relatively new in North America.    This webinar will address considerations for the safety of licensing professionals while in the field, best practices from the UK, operational and budgetary constraints and the latest in technology tools to protect lone workers.

While this speaker has been carefully chosen by NARA to present relevant information to our members, the views and opinions expressed in this webinar, unless expressly stated otherwise, are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of NARA.
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