2018 Seminar Handouts

All handouts and presentations provided by presenters prior to Seminar will be available online prior to the start of Seminar on September 24, 2018. Additional handouts and presentations will be updated by October 12 with additional submissions from presenters.

Concurrent Session A

Concurrent Session B
B2: Florida Child Care Training Registry - A One Stop Shop
Presented by: Kathryn Schmidt, Tara Lynne Orlowski, Samantha Wass de Czege

B3: The Safe Sitting of Child Care Programs in the US
Presented by: Kathy Attar

Concurrent Session C

Concurrent Session D
D1: Regulator Visit Overload Solutions
Presented by: Kimball DeLaMare, Julia Finken

D4: Key Indicators
Presented by: Dr. Rick Fiene

Concurrent Session E
E1: Family First Prevention Services Act & NARA Model Family Home Licensing Standards
Presented by: Donna Sabo, Joyce Debolt, Ana Beltran, Heidi Redlich-Epstein

E2: Best Practices Project
Presented by: Deborah Russo, Michele Adams

E4: Best Practices for Handling Illegal Operations
Presented by: Sheila Page, Sandra Wooters

E5: History of Technology in Human Services
Presented by: Veronica Taylor

Concurrent Session F
F1: Triaging & Investigating Critical Incident Report in Assisted Living Facilities
Presented by: Alfred Johnson, Patricia Adams

Concurrent Session G
G3: Trends in Child Care Licensing - Findings from the 2017 Child Care Licensing Study
Presented by: Sheri Fischer, Tara Lynne Orlowski