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2017 Webinars 

Using Music and Memory to Improve Therapeutic Outcomes (February 9, 2017) 

One of the missions of regulatory/licensing agencies is to seek ways to promote quality health care and improve the quality of life of people that live in the setting we regulate, the Music & Memory program is a evidence based program that enables the residents to reconnect, regain social skills and live more fully. 

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring Paradigms (February 23, 2017)

Dr. Rick Fiene explores the emergence of two dominant monitoring paradigms in regulatory compliance and the key elements of each paradigm and implications for the future of regulatory administration.


Pre 2017 Webinars


Are We Ready To Take Enforcement Action? What Documents and Other Evidence Are Essential to Prevail? An In-Depth Look.

Beyond Physical Health and Safety: Regulating Adult/Child Interactions

Child Development and Licensing: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Consistency, Why Does It Matter?

Consumer Priorities and Advocacy in Assisted Living

Death Investigations - Not Just Another Complaint

Reducing Noncompliance Levels: Beyond Monitoring and Enforcement

The 2009-2010 H1N1 Pandemic: Experiences & Lessons Learned

The Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption Part I: U.S. Implementation, Roles and Responsibilities

The Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption Part II: Implications for State Licensing

When Is your Case Ready for Enforcement Action?

Forensic Interviewing of Children

Trends and Policy Developments in Assisted Living

The NARA Licensing Indicator System

Interviewing Essentials

Culture and Communication as Partners in Regulatory Processes, Part 1

Culture and Communication as Partners in Regulatory Processes, Part 2

The Practice of Licensing: Understanding Our Profession

Safety Considerations: Best Practices for Lone Workers in the Field

What Impact Does Our Understanding of Brain Development Have on Child Welfare Practices?

Adult Obesity Interventions: For Child and Healthcare Providers

The Abuse Rules and Mandatory Abuse Reporting for Children's Care Providers

Abuse Awareness and What to Report When Working With Vulnerable Adults

Understanding the APS Abuse Rules

Guidelines for Photographing Evidence

NICHD "Safe to Sleep" Campaign and New Data on Safe Infant Sleep

How Child Care Programs Can Prevent Flareups from Becoming Lawsuits

Consistency of Rule Interpretation: A Myth or Possibility?

Stepping Stones to Caring for Our Children

Key Indicator Systems: How They Work, Why They Work, and Why They're Best for Everyone

Working with Difficult Organizations

Connecting Generations in the Workplace

Promising Practices for Reducing the Use of Emergency Procedures

Model Family Foster Home Licensing Standards

Florida Licensure Requirements for Health Care Providers and Suppliers

Developing a Strategic Plan

From Challenges to Constructive Partnerships: Working with Large Licensee Organizations

Caring for Children Exposed to Trauma: An Introduction to Trauma-informed Care

Human Side of Crisis

Survey of States' Assisted Living Regulations