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Information about the NARA Key Indicator System:
Recording of the October 2011 Stakeholder Meetings of the California New Directions Project:

Instrument Based Program Monitoring | A movement within licensing and regulatory administration from qualitative measurement to a very quantitative form of measurement that includes the use of checklists.

Indicator System | A licensing measurement system utilizing a shortened version of a comprehensive checklist measuring compliance with rules through a statistical methodology. Only key predictor rules are included on an indicator checklist. It is a form of inferential inspections where only a portion of the full set of rules is measured.

Inferential Inspections | An abbreviated inspection utilizing a select set of rules to be reviewed. An indicator system, weighting of rules for determining a shortened inspection tool, a random selection of rules, etc. are examples of

inferential inspections. Use of inferential inspections was developed as a time saving technique and a way to focus regulatory efforts on facilities that required additional inspections or technical assistance.

Checklist | A simple measurement tool that measures compliance with state rules in a yes/no format. Either the facility is in compliance with rules or not in compliance. Generally, there is no partial compliance with checklists.

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